2024 Cut The Check Reparations Manifestations Cover Planner!


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Watch the commercial right here: https://youtu.be/R_JZBFs4aos

Throughout America's history and present day, Black Americans have carried the burden of America's continual denial and at times hatred for the Black American lineage through its Anti-Black rhetoric, corporate obstruction and polticial disenfranchisement that continue to place Black Americans at the bottom. Black Americans built the US for free and every American, including recent immigrants, benefit off the forced kidnapping, free labor abuse, and unfair treatment of those descendants of persons enslaved in the United States of America. Special Field Order 15, a historic pledge to repair America's original sin, was reneged by the government of the United States and has yet to be repaid. Until NOW! We will never forget and neither shall you.

This planner includes monthly calenders, journal sections, and historic imformation.